Dedicated Biomass Power Generation at Suzukawa Energy Center

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has made plans to launch a biomass power generation project, having agreed to terms for procuring fuel (wood pellets) and completing arrangements for a non-recourse project finance. 
Dedicated Biomass Power Generation at Suzukawa Energy Center
View of Suzukawa Energy Center Power Station (Mitsubishi)

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Mitsubishi Corporation Power, MC and its partners Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., and, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., established the Suzukawa Energy Center in September 2013. The partners have been in discussions since then on developing a dedicated biomass power generation project at Suzukawa EC.

After converting Suzukawa EC’s facilities in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, from coal to wood pellets, the project will use the facilities as a biomass power plant. Suzukawa EC went online in September 2016, with a rated output of 112,000 kW. In conjunction with Suzukawa EC’s existing boiler designed to fire both coal and biomass, turbine and fuel conveyance equipment, fuel-storage and other new equipment will be installed with an aim to commence dedicated wood-pellet power generation in April 2022.

By using biomass wood pellets as fuel, this project expects to help curb CO2 emissions and provide stable, uninterrupted base load power. It will also help Japan to achieve its desired energy mix, which includes an increased renewable energy percentage.   

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