Sener and Masdar to invest 800 m euros in CSP



Sener from Spain and Masdar from Abu Dhabi have announced the creation of a company which aims to develop and operate concentration solar power plants.

The new company has been called Torresol Energy and will carry an initial investment of 800 m euros. So far, three CSP plants have been planned for Spain.
The first facilities are scheduled to start operations by 2012. One of the facilities will use central tower technology, whereas the others will use parabolic trough.
Torresol Energy expects to introduce and test new technologies aiming to make CSP more reliable and competitive in the long term. The company hopes to achieve a sustainable leadership position in the industry so that it can contribute to environmental protection for the future generations, according to a joint press release.
Sener has been doing research on CSP for almost a decade, and has designed and started construction of three more CSP plants in Spain, totalling 150 MW.
Likewise, The Masdar Initiative, an Abu Dhabi government back initiative aimed at promoting sustainable power is also building CSP facilities, such as the popular Shams 1, in United Arab Emirates. 
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