Trina Solar to invest $1 billion in silicon production project

The Chinese manufacturer, which is listed in the New York stock exchange, has launched a new project to produce 10,000 tonnes by 2012.

The company has signed a strategic agreement with the town of Lianyungang, in the Jiangsu province. Through the agreement, Trina will have access to a large plot of land and electricity for the manufacturing process.

The Chinese firm expects important financial and logistical benefits from the deal, according to Mr Jifan Gao, CEO of Trina Solar.

Trina is undergoing a vertical integration process by which it will be able to produce cells, wafers and also it will be able to assemple panels. With this business model, the company is achieving greater control and quality for its end customers, which are located in countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy.

Notwithstanding this project, the company still expects to purchase raw materials in the market in the coming years, so that it can meet its growth ambitions.

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