Vestas Repowering Wind Farm in the Arctic Circle

Vestas will replace 15 Nordex N80 2.5 MW wind turbines with nine 4.2 megabyte V117 Typhoon turbines. The Danish manufacturer will adapt the design of its nine turbines to the location where wind speeds average over nine meters per second. In addition, Vrsyas will provide total maintenance service for 30 years. The contract signed between both parties - Vestas reports - specifically includes the supply, installation and commissioning of the nine turbines as well as the Active Output Management service (AOM 5000), for a period of thirty years. 
Vestas Repowering Wind Farm in the Arctic Circle
Courtesy of Vestas

Finnmark Kraft AS has also hired the VestasOnline Business Scada Data Supervision, Control and Acquisition system, a solution that the Danish company states will minimize machine downtime and optimize production. The wind turbine manufacturer plans to deliver the nine turbines during the third quarter of 2021 and estimates that it will connect them in the next quarter.

Nils de Baar, president of North Vestas and Central Europe, said, "We have long maintained a productive relationship with our client Finnmark Kraft AS in this challenging region. Together we have developed a customized version of our four megawatt platform. The V117 Typhoon turbine 4.2 megabytes, which is designed for medium-high wind speeds, is capable of working in extreme weather conditions while offering reliability, service and a leading ability to capture energy. "

The Havøygavlen wind farm is located in the municipality of Måsøy, near the island of Havøysund. The park was erected and put into service in 2002. Finnmark Kraft took over this infrastructure on September 1, 2011.


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