Expo Biomasa

Expo Biomasa
Valladoiid, Spain

For the 12th time, the fair that specializes in biomass, run by AVEBIOM and held in Valladolid, will be the event of the year for professionals from the south of Europe.

According to the forecasts, over 500 exhibitors will take part in the 12th fair to show off the latest technology, designs and performance features to over 15,000 professionals who will visit the exhibition centre, keen to see and admire equipment that offers solutions to increasingly demanding and educated consumers.

Around 4.5 million high-efficiency biomass stoves and boilers have been installed in Europe in recent years according to data from the EPC 2017 survey. That equipment, along with over 315,000 professionals devoted to solid biomass have made it possible to use local biomass sustainably instead of consuming the equivalent 98 billion litres of heating oil. Biomass, Europe’s most important renewable, will allow us to be self-sufficient for 43 days this year.

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