Australian Scientists Using Solar Energy Materials to Detect Pollutants

At the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science in Australia, researchers have discovered two new breakthroughs that use solar energy technology to detect harmful pollutants in the surrounding environment. Both discoveries could bring about faster and more sustainable ways to track these pollutants and protect biodiversity and human health.

UL and NREL Partner on Commercialization of SolarAPP+ Automated Permitting Tool

 UL, the global safety science leader, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory  have signed an  initial memorandum of understanding  to work towards further developing and commercializing the Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+) software that will automate the permitting process for residential solar systems. The use of SolarAPP+ enables local governments to cut down on the time required to grant a permit from a national average of five business days to zero.

BrewDog Selects DMT Biogas for Brewery in Scotland

BrewDog and DMT have teamed up to reduce carbon emissions at BrewDog’s brewery in Ellon, Scotland. The world’s first carbon negative beer brand and is known for actively engaging in reducing and compensating CO2 emissions. BrewDog has chosen the DMT biogas upgrading technology to upgrade the biogas to Biomethane.

A Call for a Hydrogen-Led Vision for Ireland

At the AGM of Hydrogen Ireland on April 23, Board Member, Dr. Rory Monaghan, NUI Galway, argued there is no set government position on hydrogen at present in Ireland and that Hydrogen Ireland has an opportunity to influence this by organizing workshops and seminars.

NIO to sell smart premium EVs in Norway

NIO, a pioneer and manufacturer of smart premium electric vehicles, is launching its European business in Norway, aiming to establish itself as a global brand with the Norwegian market marking the first step in the company’s European journey.

The future of the global solar energy industry: An interview with Jonas Eklind of Azelio

According to the International Energy Agency’s annual report (Oct 13th 2020), solar power is now cheaper than electricity generated by coal and natural gas in most countries. This is kick-starting a profound global change from fossil to renewable energy, despite Covid-19, in which renewable energy is estimated to supply 80 percent of the total power generation in 2030.

El mercado mayorista ante la transición energética

Un informe de PwC, publicado por Fundación Naturgy, analiza las opciones de reforma de los mercados mayoristas de electricidad para hacer frente a la integración masiva de renovables y asegurar al mismo tiempo un servicio de calidad a los consumidores. Los autores del documento también abogan por conferir más peso a los servicios de ajuste del sistema para dotarlo de una mayor flexibilidad, dando cabida a las tecnologías renovables, el almacenamiento y la gestión de la demanda.