New Report Helps Local Communities Shift to Efficient All-Electric Buildings

A new report released by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project  guides local governments through policy options and pathways to electrify new buildings – a key strategy for meeting climate and public health goals. The report, “Building Electrification: How Cities and Counties are Implementing Electrification Policies – with Adoptable Code Language,” provides insight to local governments wanting  to encourage more all-electric buildings, as a way to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and climate emissions in the built environment.

The Future of Demand Response: An interview with Cisco DeVries of OhmConnect

Cisco DeVries is the CEO of OhmConnect, a former White House aide to the US Secretary of Energy, and creator of the award-winning property assessed clean energy program (PACE). OhmConnect is bringing energy use to the forefront of people’s minds, aiming to make California 100 percent reliant on renewable energy through the company’s new demand response model. The easiest, most effective way to do that is through the utilisation of smart devices that automatically make homes grid-responsive. This in turn will also stabilise California’s brittle grid, while automating energy savings for California residents and changing how energy is used across the state. This is the future of demand response and it will make 100 percent reliance on renewables a reality.

Cisco De Vries talks to REM to explain how this all works.

The smarter E Europe 2021 ya tiene reservada el 65% de la superficie

Munich (Alemania) volverá a acoger del 9 al 11 de junio de 2021 la mayor feria relacionada con la energía solar en Europa.  The smarter E Europe (Intersolar), como tantos otros eventos, ha tenido que ser cancelada en 2020 a causa del coronavirus. Pero hay muy buenas señales para la próxima edición de 2021: más de 400 expositores de la cancelada The smarter E Europe 2020 ya se han registrado para participar el año que viene en la plataforma de innovación.