Jacksonville Distillery Turns to Solar Thermal Energy

Four Father’s Distillery located on the northwest side of Jacksonville, Florida, opened its doors in 2015 and has recently turned to solar thermal energy to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The XCPC concentrating solar thermal collector technology manufactured in Jacksonville by Artic Solar has made it possible for the brewery to economically use the sun to provide for their steam and hot water needs.

$14.5 Million Awarded to Demonstrate Ocean Energy Farms

The new Interreg NWE project Ocean DEMO has been officially launched today. It provides funding to developers of marine renewable technologies to test their products or services in real sea environments. Ocean DEMO specifically targets multi-machine ocean energy installations. This will allow developers to move closer to market by demonstrating their technologies at full commercial scale. Ocean DEMO will release a first call for applications this year and devices will be installed from 2020 to 2022.

SunPower P19, tecnología fotovoltaica de máximo rendimiento

El distribuidor fotovoltaico SunFields incorpora a su cartera la última novedad tecnológica en módulos: el SunPower P19, un panel monocristalino PERC, con potencias desde 315-330 vatios (versión residencial) hasta 390/400 W (versión comercial), y con una eficiencia superior al 19%. “Perfecto para proyectos de medio y gran tamaño, donde se busca máxima rentabilidad y máximo rendimiento”, apunta José A. Alonso, jefe de ventas de SunFields.