US Reentry Into the Paris Agreement Welcomed by Many 

President Joe Biden's plans to re-enter the United States into the Paris Agreement have been welcomed by American clean energy trade associations and others in expectation of an upsurge in clean energy investment and jobs.

Biogest to build its first biogas plant in Idaho

Biogest has received its first US order to build an agricultural biogas plant in Idaho, which will have a thermal output of 90,000 MMBTU per year and will utilise 120,000 tonnes of cow manure per year.

Kentucky Transportation, Finance Cabinet Upgrade Roadway Lighting with LEDs

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Finance and Administration Cabinet have launched an initiative to replace thousands of roadway lighting fixtures across the state with energy saving LED lights. The upgrades will reduce energy consumption of roadway lighting systems by more than 50% and save more than $2.8 million a year in reduced utility and maintenance costs.

Expanding opportunities in the solar inverter segment: An interview with Filippo Carzaniga of FIMER

In March 2020, ABB announced the divestment of its inverter business to Italian company FIMER, enabling ABB to focus more on other aspects of its electrification business while giving FIMER the chance to enhance business opportunities for the solar inverter segment. FIMER itself had announced the acquisition the previous summer, in July 2019. The move enables FIMER to expand its global reach, based on three manufacturing plants and R&D hubs, with an expected increase in shipments by late 2020 of over 7 GW.

Siemens Gamesa anuncia otro "macropedido" en Brasil

El fabricante germano español de aerogeneradores ha anunciado hoy que ha ganado un contrato para el suministro de 70 aerogeneradores de 5,8 megavatios a la francesa Engie, promotora, en el estado de Rio Grande do Norte, al noreste de Brasil, del parque eólico de Santo Agostinho (434 megavatios, MW). El modelo elegido por Engie es el SG 5.8-170 con tecnología OptimaFlex. Este "macropedido" llega apenas unos días después de que la compañía anunciara otro, de 465 MW, también de la plataforma 5.X y también con destino en Brasil.