California company announces plan to introduce new smart home clean energy system

Fourth Wave Energy, based in San Jose, California, has announced it is preparing for the launch of its new smart home clean energy system that uses the sun and the earth to heat, cool, and power homes.
California company announces plan to introduce new smart home clean energy system

Enough solar energy reaches the earth every hour to fill all the worlds’ energy needs for a year. Another source of energy, just as predictable, is the constant temperature of the earth just below the surface. When the sun goes down, using proven technology it is possible to extract the energy from the earth 24/7 and use a heat pump powered by a solar system for heating and cooling

The new product is called GeoSolar Plus (GSP) and the company’s management team believes it has the potential to fundamentally change the way homes are powered in the future.

By drastically reducing energy loads through upgrading building envelope (and household appliances), then combining solar with geothermal energy, residents will slash utility costs and carbon emissions, while increasing comfort, improving air quality, and enjoying a quiet, low-maintenance home energy system. The system is reliable, simple and inexpensive to maintain with no gas lines, fuel oil, or associated CO2 emissions.

Fourth Wave Energy is a development stage research driven company that was formed to create scalable clean energy solutions to assist with mitigating the growing global climate crisis. The team includes leading solar and green energy engineers from the US, Germany and India.

Climate crisis experts are increasingly citing existing homes as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions with recent studies showing the average home creates over 2,000 pounds of GHG annually. The GSP system eliminates GHG thereby helping with the climate issue and creating a cleaner living condition for the residents.

GeoSolar Plus is the first product from the company’s engineering team with the potential to revolutionize the way homes are powered. The system is made of three basic parts - all working in tandem. Solar panels are on the roof generating electricity for the home. A heat pump inside the house replaces the furnace and AC system delivering year-round, comfortable temperatures with resulting cleaner and healthier air. Quietly working underground, out of sight, ground loop pipes connected to the heat pump provide heating and cooling for the entire house – whatever the season or climate, increasing the home’s value (comfort) with no utility bills.

“The time has come to convert homes to a modern clean energy system” said Joseph Isaacs, CEO of Fourth Wave Energy. “The average home is responsible for over two tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually. In addition to contributing to the climate crisis it often unknowingly creates a toxic environment that’s unhealthy to its occupants. Most homes are prime candidates for energy upgrades to reduce their carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality. Many residential HVAC systems simply recirculate air and don’t bring in any fresh outside air. With more people staying at home indoors since Covid-19, awareness is increasing about the need to improve living conditions. We see tremendous opportunity to market a simple, turnkey solution packaged and delivered by a single provider that delivers results without the typical hassle of managing large-scale home improvements. We believe the market is ready for this product and the demand appears to be exceptional. Informed homeowners understand climate change is a serious matter and the Covid crisis has increased the demand for cleaner, healthier living conditions”.

GeoSolar Plus works in existing and newly built homes, but FWAV is planning to aggressively market the product to existing homeowners as a “complete energy makeover” of an existing home. The turnkey system includes:

Home energy audit and environmental analysis

Reinsulating and sealing building envelope for air tightness.

Geothermal ground source heating and cooling system or air-to-air heat pump technology

Heat pump for domestic hot water

Air monitoring and filtration system

LED lighting upgrade

Roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system

EV car charging station

The company is planning to open GeoSolar Plus sales and installation offices in Colorado, Texas and California where they plan to launch an aggressive sales and marketing campaign in fall 2020.

The system is affordably priced at around $39,000 after valuable tax credits and can pay for itself with the savings in utility bills. The company believes they can complete the conversion of an existing home energy system in less than three weeks with little disruption to the homeowner.

In addition to clean energy GSP also provides a cleaner, healthier living atmosphere. The solar panels create enough electricity to power the home, charge the car and appliances and filter the air with the power from the sun and earth.  GSP strives to deliver net-zero energy in a residential energy system with a virtually zero carbon footprint.

The company management team believes that GeoSolar Plus will disrupt the way homes are powered and will be well received by homeowners. The company is planning for an aggressive national rollout of the product this fall.

The company plans to actively market the system in a manner similar to the leading residential solar installation companies. Rooftop solar is a $15 billion fast growing market and is expected to explode with growth if the current bill the Democrats are sponsoring is approved. It includes extremely valuable tax incentives for both solar and geothermal and hundreds of billions in spending on the detoxification /electrification of buildings. Green energy experts believe the decarbonisation/electrification of cars and homes represents an increasingly significant segment of the green makeover of the energy system and will be a recipient of massive private and public capital. The company plans to offer homeowners a turnkey financing solution to acquire and install the system. 

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