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Nantucket residents offer 'behind-the-meter' energy storage solutions

New England- based Genbright LLC has partnered with Ice Energy, a provider of distributed thermal energy storage for utilities, to reduce Nantucket's peak energy demand.  
Nantucket residents offer

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) awarded Genbright and Ice Energy a contract to provide over 200 residential behind-the-meter energy storage solutions on Nantucket using Ice Energy's proprietary Ice Bear 20 technology.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to show how Genbright can provide value to ratepayers by deploying and operating new innovative technologies. The Ice Bear 20 is an ideal solution for mitigating Nantucket's growing peak demand, and saving ratepayers money," stated Joe Crespo, Founder and Partner of Genbright.

Over 200 Ice Bear units will be installed on Nantucket, beginning this summer. The goal of the project is to prove how new energy storage technologies can be deployed as "non-wires alternatives" to defer the need for a third undersea cable to Nantucket, which is expected to cost between $75-100 million. The total value of this project is approximately $3 million. quoted Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, saying, ““Massachusetts is proud to be a national leader in energy efficiency programs that reduce overall consumption and we are committed to continuing our work to improve energy costs disproportionately affected by times of peak demands.”

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