Availon reaches 1GW milestone for servicing Vestas turbine technology

Availon has passed the 1,000 MW milestone for servicing Vestas turbine technology, having begun providing operations and maintenance services for the company in 2009.
Availon reaches 1GW milestone for servicing Vestas turbine technology

To support this service, the German ISP has established a center of excellence for Vestas technology in Hamburg, where it develops new upgrades and optimization strategies to enhance the performance of turbines that Availon has under contract.

Over the years, Availon has also built up a reliable international supply chain to ensure the highest possible operation performance of its customers’ turbines, the company said in a written release.

“Our team combines very experienced wind turbine engineers, who know the Vestas’ technology inside out, with highly trained and skilled technicians who operate in the field. Our superior degree of expertise is what is giving us the edge in the competitive international wind O&M markets.” said Michael Richter, Global Sales Manager for Availon.

Availon’s expertise covers a broad range of Vestas turbines, including the V47, V52, V66, V80 and V90.

Availon has also developed competences in servicing turbines equipped with the Vestas Gridstreamer™ system, the latest Vestas converter technology.

The company recently signed the first full service contract for Gridstreamer™ wind turbines, and expects to rapidly increase the portfolio of turbines equipped with that particular technology.

The Rheine-based company currently employs a workforce of more than 360 employees in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Portugal and the US.

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