British forecourt firm installs rapid EV chargers

Cornwall Garage Group Ltd, which owns 18 petrol forecourts across England, has installed rapid electric vehicle chargers at nine of its sites with the assistance of charging company InstaVolt.
British forecourt firm installs rapid EV chargers
Courtesy of InstaVolt

InstaVolt has installed the chargers for free and will continue to maintain and update them at no cost to the forecourt. The company also pays Cornwall Garage Group a rental income in return for housing them. InstaVolt makes its money from the sale of electricity to drivers.

The rapid DC chargers are available for drivers to use on a subscription free, pay-as-you-go basis. Motorists simply tap their contactless credit or debit card, charge-up and go. Users are charged only for the electricity they use on a per-unit basis. There is no connection fee, minimum charge or monthly subscription fee.

The nine sites to receive EV rapid chargers are:

Southville Services, Southville, Bristol

New County Services, Clophill, Bedfordshire

Putnoe Services, Bedford

Exton Services, Exeter

Honicknowle Services, Plymouth

Bassett Services, Epping, Essex

Shoreham Services, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex

Bedworth Services, Bedworth, Coventry

Glendale Services, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

“The automotive landscape is changing and it’s important for us to be ahead of the curve” said David Whistler from Cornwall Garage Group. “That’s why we’re working with InstaVolt to add to our services and offer provision for drivers of electric cars – as well as motorists using petrol and diesel.”

Image: A pair of InstaVolt’s rapid EV chargers

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