Iveco Daily Electric electric van has the longest range in 2020 but is the most expensive to buy and charge

Research by Confused.com has found that the Iveco Daily Electric is the best electric van to buy with regards to range, as it can drive up to 174 miles on a full eight-hour charge with a payload of up to 1,652kg.
Iveco Daily Electric electric van has the longest range in 2020 but is the most expensive to buy and charge
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However, the Iveco is one of the most expensive models, and would set drivers back £100,000 to buy brand new. The LDV EV80 and the Nissan E-NV200 followed on behind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. These models are not only cheaper but eligible for the 20 percent government grant. Saving up to £8,000, drivers could be paying out just £52,000 for the LDV EV80 and £23,804 for the Nissan E-NV200.

With so many vans on the market, choosing the right one to buy can be an overwhelming decision. Confused.com’s research calculates which vans will get drivers the furthest for their money, while also exploring some of the best electric van alternatives, for those who are environmentally conscious.

The standard price of an electric van can put many buyers off, with a recent study finding that 60 percent of respondents felt that the high cost is the most significant barrier to ownership. The study also found that money off the initial cost would give people an incentive to buy an electric vehicle, with respondents asking for an average of £4,865 off the initial price.

The current government plug-in car grant means drivers could be entitled to 20 percent off (up to a maximum of £8,000) the purchase price of some models, making it more affordable for the environmentally conscious.

Not only is the Iveco the most expensive to buy outright, it is also the most expensive to charge. For a full 8 hours of charge, drivers can expect to pay an average of £12.70. This is followed by the LDV EV80 which costs £7.80 while only taking 7 hours to charge. Finally, the Nissan E-NV200 comes out with the cheapest figures, taking 7 hours to charge up the battery, and costing van owners just £5.60 in total.

“With so many choices of vans on the market, knowing the best for your needs can make making a decision confusing and overwhelming” said Daniel McCulloch, van insurance expert at Confused.com. “For those conscious of the running costs, fuel efficiency is a key consideration to avoid forking out hundreds per year extra on petrol or diesel. We’ve compiled some of the most fuel-efficient vans on the market to help to make that decision that little bit easier.”

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