Peugeot electric revolution continues with e-2008 SUV

The Peugeot 2008 SUV will be the second vehicle to follow the ‘choose your Peugeot, choose your powertrain’ philosophy when it arrives later this year, available with a 100 percent electric powertrain alongside petrol and diesel variants.  
Peugeot electric revolution continues with e-2008 SUV
Courtesy of Peugeot

The new e-2008 SUV is powered by a 100kW (136bhp) electric motor and 50kWh battery. Under WLTP testing, the 100 percent electric zero-emission SUV will achieve 193 miles of range. With 100kW rapid charging technology, an 80 percent charge will take just 30 minutes, while a full charge using conventional 7.4kW and 11kW fast chargers will take between eight hours and five hours. Owners will be able to pre-set charging times, heating and air conditioning on the e-2008 SUV via the MyPeugeot app. This can also be used to check the current charge level remotely.

The vehicle will also feature two forms of energy recovery. Selecting Drive “D” recovery from the drive selector will feel similar to driving a standard diesel or petrol model, while Brake “B” provides more regenerative braking when lifting off the accelerator.

Peugeot will be launching new services to coincide with the arrival of the vehicle, including:

A range of at-home or office charging solutions with a broad choice of equipment (heavy-duty socket, Wallbox, Smart Wallbox, etc.), a diagnostic service to assess the electric installation and plan for a better charging solution and final installation.

Public charge offering via Free2Move Services, including a charge pass giving access to public charging points across Europe: drivers are able to pre-select terminals according to distance, speed and price of recharging.

Trip planner: a trip planning and organisational tool for long journeys via Free2Move Services; proposal of the best routes taking into account the location of charging stations on the route, sent to the in-car Connected 3D Navigation.

E-coaching: a tool in the MyPeugeot app that allows drivers to receive advice on how to optimise their driving and the range.

Serenity: aiming to reassure drivers in their EV discovery process and let them enjoy their car in complete peace of mind.

New digital journey simulators to promote discovery and viability of electric driving on the Peugeot website.

Special service contracts and road-side assistance, which may be included in a single finance package, to ensure peace of mind at all times.

Battery capacity certificate to facilitate vehicle resale with a guarantee of the vehicle’s battery charge capacity.

The e-2008 SUV is the second 100 percent electric vehicle from Peugeot, following from the all-new e-208 announced earlier this year. Peugeot has pledged that by 2023, its entire model line-up will feature an electrified version.

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