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Samsung unveils high energy density battery for EVs

The prototype of a high energy density battery for EVs has been unveiled by Samsung SDI at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Samsung unveils high energy density battery for EVs

The battery will enable electric vehicles (EVs) to drive for 600 kilometres on a single charge, improving energy density and driving distance by 20-30 percent compared to cells enabling a driving distance of 500 kilometres. Commercial production of the new battery cell is expected to start in 2020.

South Korean company Samsung SDI specialises in lithium-ion batteries and the company made its first foray into the North American auto market by introducing a number of customised battery products at the show which opened on 11th January at the Cobo Centre in Detroit and concludes on 24th January. The new battery products also include ‘low height pack’ and ‘low voltage system’ (LVS) batteries for EVs.

The height reduction and improvement in energy density will allow EV designers to install battery packs more easily and to commence commercial production while reducing costs. The LVS solution can be installed in conventional vehicles as well as EVs, delivering economic value through environmental improvements and fuel efficiency. The LVS solution is already attracting interest around the world, particularly in North America.

“We aim to lead the era of popularising EVs by introducing a variety of solutions and products desired by customers and the market at this auto show” said President Nam Seong Cho of Samsung SDI. “Particularly, we will accelerate to make foray into the global automobile market including North America by providing the new high energy density battery cell based on the world’s top technology leadership as well as the low height packs and LVS solutions.”

Samsung SDI is aiming to further sharpen its competitive edge by capitalising on its plant in Xian, China, which was constructed last year. It is planning to aggressively cope with diverse specifications and needs of global auto companies by establishing a full line-up of products, including high voltage systems such as high energy density battery cells and compact battery packs, and LVS packs. It also intends to achieve synergy with Samsung SDI Battery Systems (SDIBS) based on its cell and module technologies.

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