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What Net Zero Goals Mean for Plumbing

The 21st-century world is getting serious about net-zero environmental objectives. Nations worldwide are implementing directives to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Every industry must take net zero seriously, from manufacturing to construction to even plumbing.

What Net Zero Goals Mean for Plumbing
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What Is Net Zero and How Does it Affect Plumbing?

Net zero emissions is a term used to describe when all harmful emissions released by human activities and technologies are removed from the Earth's atmosphere. It is the act of balancing the number of emissions humans generate by eliminating many of the sources of those emissions.

Studies show residential buildings generate 72% of greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, many household appliances — from essential to convenient — generate harmful emissions. The government's net-zero objectives will force household construction and appliance manufacturers to impose stricter regulations to reduce greenhouse gasses in homes.

In addition, homeowners belonging to the younger generation are much more interested in incorporating green technologies and products into their homes. This gives businesses that include net-zero methods in their services a better chance of attracting new customers.

As the new generation becomes old enough to own their own homes, they will turn to businesses that can help them achieve their goals and values. Green technology and net zero can become a big selling point and help small businesses stand out.

Net Zero Plumbing Technologies

Finding a plumbing company that can meet a home's needs is constantly on homeowners' minds. As those needs change to meet net-zero objectives, plumbers must adapt to green technologies.

Eco-Friendly Water Heaters

Heating in households is one of the leading causes of harmful emissions. The power used to heat water and air in homes can come from coal and gas-powered electrical plants, which cause greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, one of the best ways for residents to go green is by reducing the power they use in their homes.

Tankless water heaters are a product that plumbers can offer their clients to help them save energy. Rather than storing water in a heating tank, tankless water heaters heat and deliver water on demand. This configuration allows homeowners to save energy by heating water only when necessary instead of constantly keeping it warm inside a tank.

In addition, solar panels can power conventional water heaters. Solar panels are a form of clean energy that produces no harmful emissions. While homeowners can use them to heat an entire home, solar panels can also be used with other conventional or eco-friendly technologies to power certain appliances, such as water heaters.

Water Saving Technology

Thankfully, plenty of green plumbing solutions are available for plumbers to offer their clients. Some of the most essential eco-friendly technologies available are water-saving appliances. 

Low-flush and high-efficiency toilets, water-saving faucets and shower heads are just some of the solutions clients might want.

Pipes are also a vital facet of a home's plumbing system. Replacing old pipes with new ones made with more eco-friendly materials — such as cast iron and recycled steel — can go a long way to reducing a home's carbon footprint.

These pipes can hold heat for longer, ensuring hot water remains hot as it travels through the plumbing systems. This could also help clients save on water heating.

Eco-Friendly Is the Future of Plumbing

As the world continues its journey to a net zero future, even plumbing companies must adapt to green technology to stay competitive. Products such as eco-friendly water heaters, pipes and fixtures can generate significant interest from the new generation of homeowners who value these green initiatives. In addition, this allows plumbing companies to become part of the net zero solution.

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