HyperSolar to begin production of hydrogen-producing panels for demonstration purposes

HyperSolar, the company developing a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, has announced it is prepared to begin manufacture of its first Gen 1 hydrogen panels for demonstration purposes.
HyperSolar to begin production of hydrogen-producing panels for demonstration purposes

The last necessary tests on essential components have been completed and the company’s tech team has completed the translation of lab-based design on membrane and catalysts components into manufacturable design and parameters.

“Our biggest challenge for manufacturing was to replicate what we built in the lab in full scale manufacturing” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar. “Our device is now fully tested and ready for production. We are working closely with our manufacturers to meet our milestone to produce a 100 demonstration units.”

Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Joun Lee, added that the team is very pleased to have reached this crucial crossroad that puts the company in a position to do what has not been done before - to venture out from the lab and put the hydrogen production panel into manufacturing.

The company will also be increasing its research effort on the Gen 2 panel which it is aiming to make three times more efficient than the Gen 1.  

As the team approaches manufacturing of Gen 1, it will begin to funnel greater resources to the development of Gen 2, a nanotechnology solution to hydrogen production that management believes can completely change the economics of hydrogen production and thus the global energy playing field.

As the demand for hydrogen increases worldwide, renewable hydrogen companies are finally coming being favoured by investors.

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