EU "PV Grid" project gets underway

The European Commission's "PV Grid" project, an initiative intended to reduce regulatory barriers to a better integration of large amounts of solar power in the region, has gotten underway with the cooperation of more than 20 international partners.
EU "PV Grid" project gets underway

The Federal Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) is coordinating the "Intelligent Energy for Europe" program.

"The photovoltaic met with their growing share of electricity production is already important functions in many European countries in the energy system," said Carsten Grainy, CEO of BSW-Solar. "With the results of PV GRID makes it much easier to identify the cliffs and working around that could slow the expansion of the power grid of ever becoming cheaper solar power."

The grid integration of photovoltaic systems has been previously highlighted as a key challenge for the development of solar power generation in Europe by the BSW-led EU project "PV LEGAL". The new effort is considered an extension of that work, concentrating on network-side barriers.

With the growth of the photovoltaic market, operators of electricity distribution networks are faced with new challenges related to managing the integration solar power. To help alleviate these chalenges, the PV Grid consortium is actively collaborating with network operators on specific issues they are trying to tackle.

"We are delighted with RWE AG Germany, the Italian ENEL Distribuzione and the Czech lumens to have won prestigious International power company as a partner in the project PV GRID," Grainy said.

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