Solar, Energy Storage and Intelligent Energy Conversion Units Make Greener Safari Lodges 

Safari lodges utilizing solar-diesel hybrid applications where solar is combined with diesel generators to reduce diesel consumption have lower energy costs and improved noise and emission levels. This is according to the new THEnergy-IPS report entitled “Hybrid Solar Mini-grids for Remote Safari Lodges in Africa”.
Solar, Energy Storage and Intelligent Energy Conversion Units Make Greener Safari Lodges 

Air conditioning, heating, appliances, and phone and camera charging are among the main sources of energy consumption at safari lodges. Power is needed around the clock, with a peak during the middle of the day and in the early evening.

A reliable and robust power supply is a basic requirement for these facilities. Hybrid controllers or energy conversion units are the key components for efficiently synchronizing the load with various power sources and energy storage, and will ensure a reliable power supply. In addition, solar power is often 50% cheaper than diesel power at these locations.

 “Our EXERON solution has been successfully used for military and telecom applications, two sectors with extremely high requirements regarding reliability”, explains Alexander Rangelov, CEO at IPS. “In addition, our customers honor our hot-swappable, plug & play approach, which saves significant costs during installations and for maintenance – particularly in remote locations.”

A benefit of the modular approach is that allows for adding additional solar and storage capacity should the facility expand.

“We see an excellent fit between safari lodges on the one hand, and solar and energy storage applications on the other,” says Dr. Thomas Hillig, Managing Director of THEnergy. “Safari lodges are a very attractive target segment for solar and energy storage companies.”

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Photo: Battery storage and energy conversion unit at safari lodge in South Africa - (c) IPS              

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