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What Is Tesla’s Supercharger Bug? What You Need to Know

Tesla vehicles are well-known as luxury electric vehicles. Many Tesla owners may go to a Tesla-exclusive recharging station, called a Tesla Supercharger, when their car needs a charge. These stations are typically located in marketplace hubs or where other businesses are so that the driver can relax for a bit while their vehicle charges. Still, there's a Supercharger bug that has affected some people at Superchargers and may lead them to more generic electric vehicle charging in the future.
What Is Tesla’s Supercharger Bug? What You Need to Know

What Is a Tesla Supercharger?

In 2012, Tesla created the Tesla Supercharger, which would be installed in different areas around the globe to allow Tesla owners to charge their vehicles without worry. The cost of the charging was, in a way, included with the price of the car. By 2017, that policy changed to having Tesla owners pay at the Supercharger stations, making them much like the charging stations for other electric vehicles.

Supercharging stations typically lie near major travel areas. Tesla owners can charge their cars while on the road, commuting for business or leisure, with these locations. Tesla owners can choose whether to charge up at a Tesla Supercharger or another, more generic charging network. Tesla has about 3,5000 supercharging stations around the globe. That number continues to grow thanks to the funds raised through charging stations.

You can locate a Supercharging station near you using your Tesla's in-car interactive map. The Trip Planner tool can help you find Supercharging stations when you may need them during your long trip. Regardless, you don't need to worry about planning out your route in advance — your Tesla will take care of it for you.

When at a station, all you must do is plug your car in, then monitor its charging progress during the app. These stations are typically near businesses, so you can take time to eat or use the bathroom while you wait for your car to charge.

Climate change is moving to more of a focus with the SEC taking a more prominent role in defending the planet. This change should allow for even more charging stations, both those run by Tesla and ones run by others, to open up. More people might switch to driving electric vehicles since the stations will be readily available.

How the Tesla Supercharger Bug Affects You

If you use Tesla's superchargers, keep your eyes open for any bugs you may encounter. Anyone who owns a Tesla knows that the funds you spend on Supercharging are taken out of your bank account immediately via the payment method you have attached to your Tesla account. The Supercharger bug exploits this payment cycle and sometimes shows that a driver owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

With these fees comes a block from the app, which could be dangerous for Tesla owners who need to drive for work or aren't at home. While this block won't be permanent, as you'll have things sorted out shortly, it can be alarming to someone who doesn't know what's going on.

Anyone can fall prey to the supercharger bug. The issue seems to be caused when people leave their cars idle and in a charging station while they aren't charging.

While you might be shopping or walking around, your car could turn off its charging at around 80% — an automatic function that you can toggle on and off — and your car sits in the spot without absorbing any electricity. Simply occupying a spot might trigger this bug, so watch out for spending too much time away from your car when it's close to fully charged.

What Can You Do?

When you see an issue, report it immediately. You should know if something is amiss by checking how long you spend at a Tesla Supercharger station. If you report the problem as soon as you see it, technicians should rectify it, and you should be able to reaccess the app soon.

Similarly, you should keep an eye on your app to know when your car is fully charged if you leave it for a time. Whether your day is full of shopping or sampling restaurants while waiting for your vehicle, you should watch the app.

Stay Safe from the Tesla Supercharger Bug

The Tesla Supercharger bug may or may not affect you — it all depends on how frequently you use a Tesla Supercharging station. Remember to always check your balances and look into something that doesn't seem like it makes sense. Pay attention to your car, and all should be well. You can roam the country without worrying about where your next charge will come from.


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