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Aalborg CSP to share global solar expertise with UAE

Aalborg CSP is part of a delegation of leading Danish companies that have travelled to the United Arab Emirates in order to share Danish expertise in sustainability with developers and stakeholders in the country.
Aalborg CSP to share global solar expertise with UAE

Dubai is aiming to become one of the most sustainable cities in the world with a target of 75 percent clean energy by 2050 under its Clean Energy Strategy. UAE is keen to learn from markets with world-class sustainability experience and Aalborg CSP’s expertise in the solar sector will help the country address its energy security needs. The company specialises in concentrated solar power (CSP) and energy storage technologies and is keen to share best practices from its global project portfolio, including experience gained from a desert-farming facility that relies on sunlight and seawater to produce 17,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year in the Australian desert.

“Our project in Port Augusta (Australia) is a proven example of how a solar energy system can meet energy, water and food challenges in some of the most stressed areas in the world” said Peter Badstue Jensen, Executive Vice President at Aalborg CSP. “With both, salt water and solar resources readily available in the UAE there is basis for solar-thermal plants of this kind in the country."

Image: Aalborg CSP's solar greenhouse project in Australia

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