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Ampelmann launches people and cargo transfer system for offshore wind industry

Dutch company Ampelmann has launched an improved version of its industry leading A-type system for transferring people and cargo in the offshore wind industry.
Ampelmann launches people and cargo transfer system for offshore wind industry

Ampelmann launched the A400 at the recent Offshore Wind Energy 2017 conference in London. It has been redesigned in conjunction with leading operators to include greater capacity for equipment transportation between vessels and wind turbines.

The system incorporates widened gangways to support the use of trolleys that can carry up to 400 kilograms of cargo on Euro-sized industry standard pallets, alleviating the need for operators to install platform cranes. It can also transfer multiple personnel at a time and includes an elevator to support ‘no-step’ policies.

The 120 cm gangways are double the width of earlier versions and have full movement compensation, while the no movement gangway operates in a sea state of up to 3 metres. A single operator is required to use the system and all cargo and personnel can be transferred using the elevator. The accompanying Cargo400 electric trolley transports equipment weighing up to 400kg between the vessel and offshore structure. Featuring an easy loading design, the system can be maneuvered by one person, is speed adjustable and includes an auto-brake.

“By working closely with our customers we have been able to develop a system that meets their needs and allows them to work safely and more effectively” said Friso Talsma, Ampelmann’s Sales and Business Development Manager for Offshore Wind. “Providing a full system that includes a gangway capable of transporting a pallet, a trolley and elevator is something we believe will be of great benefit to the offshore wind sector.”

Ampelmann designs and delivers innovative, safe, reliable and efficient transfer solutions to the offshore energy industries globally. The company has a track record of more than three million safe people transfers and more than 1.5 million kg cargo transfers and 200 projects worldwide. Ampelmann operates in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East.

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