Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean island to produce biodiesel from waste oil

An Argentinean OEM is helping the Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago Republic to increase its energy sufficiency by recycling waste vegetable oil collected on the island.
Caribbean island to produce biodiesel from waste oil

CMS Limited, a company located in San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago Republic, will produce 300,000 gal/year of biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil collected on the island.

The technology and equipment being used in the project, which is the first stage of a much bigger project, has been supplied by Abatec, S.A. from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Abatec reveals that its BD4-M40 module will be used in San Juan to process, in one single step, used oils with up to 7% acidity through “and innovative high temperature reaction”. The company says that the reaction yield is over 98%, and there is no washing needed.

Nonetheless, the complete plant supplied by Abatec does include a section for cleaning the collected used oil by means of a special centrifuge and settling tanks. Abatec explains that biodiesel production will be increased over the coming months by placing another M40 unit alongside the first.

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This looks like a toy, not a true processing equipment. I am sure it won't produce quality fuel. Since it is the first stage, it might be okay, but for them to truly be a better player in the market needs to buy a more robust commercial equipment. This toy won't take them there. We have seen quite a few of these from various companies and none of them truly produce quality fuel that meets any specs. Good luck on the current project and for the future. Biodiesel is definitely part of the solution for cutting emissions and being sustainable.