Researchers extol virtues of a bioenergy powered future

Bioenergy crops will be critical to fulfilling dreams of a low carbon future, researchers in Brazil said.
Researchers extol virtues of a bioenergy powered future

In a new report, Bioenergy and Sustainability, from the Sao Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil, researchers from 24 nations say biofuels could meet up to a third of the world's transportation fuel needs by 2050.

"Bioenergy derived from plants can play an essential role in satisfying the world's growing energy demand, mitigating climate change, sustainably feeding a growing population, improving socio-economic equity, minimizing ecological disruption and preserving biodiversity," they write.

The analysis was unveiled in Brussels as the European Union observed Sustainable Energy Week.

The publication, which runs nearly 800 pages, covers a wide range of topics, including liquid biofuels, bioelectricity and heat, and biogas.

It also looks at issues like energy security, food security and climate change.

Sure to be one of the study's most controversial assertions is that concerns that biofuel feedstock production will compete with food stocks for scarce resources are overstated.

The researchers suggest that increased reliance on biofuel and biomass technologies would actually improve food security by "optimising land productivity and agricultural management".

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Richard Rodriguez
I would like to see biomass for biofuels/power to become a global reality. Think of the impoverished countries who can create jobs for farmers and GROW their economy. My feedstock of choice is Giant King Grass! Any thoughts?