Savonlinja and Neste launch a low-emission Green Travel service for bus passengers

From mid-May onward, customers with the Savonlinja bus company in Finland will be able to opt for a lower-emission journey thanks to cooperation with Neste which has enabled the introduction of a surcharge on the normal bus ticket price which will be used to fund the fuelling of Savonlinja’s buses with Neste MY Renewable Diesel.
Savonlinja and Neste launch a low-emission Green Travel service for bus passengers
Courtesy of Savonlinja

The customer is free to decide the amount of this additional charge. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is produced entirely from waste and residues and has been sold in Finland since early 2017, helping motorists and other transport users to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Its performance matches the best fossil-based diesels on the market. Approximately one-fifth of consumers in Finland already use Neste MY Renewable Diesel when it is available at their local filling station.

By paying a Green Travel surcharge of their own choosing, customers will be reducing their bus ride’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 90 percent compared to fossil diesel. This arrangement is the first of its kind in Finland.

The Green Travel service will be available to all Savonlinja’s long-distance passengers. It can be purchased for regular long-distance tickets via the mobile application ‘Linjalla’ and at the Savonlinja online store. Customers decide on the price of the Green Travel themselves. The minimum amount for the service is one euro. The low-emission option is also available to customers for charter bus services.

“Climate change does not wait and solutions are needed right here and now” said Tuomas Kulola, Head of Sales, Marketing & Services at Neste. “The key to fighting climate change is introducing innovations of all sizes to help bring about a more sustainable future. Developed in collaboration with Savonlinja, Green Travel is a good example of how important partnerships are to creating effective solutions. We are very proud to collaborate with Savonlinja on offering consumers the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their bus trips”.

Savonlinja’s Chief Business Officer Harri Leskinen, added that customers have told the company that they would like to have more climate and environmentally friendly transport options and that Green Travel is the answer to this. Mr Leskinen also said that the company’s long-term goal is to be able to use only renewable fuel in its entire fleet.

As part of the cooperation, Savonlinja will double the amount of money its customers pay for Green Travel service and use these funds for cutting down greenhouse gas emissions by refuelling with Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is currently available at nearly 50 filling stations throughout Finland. The fuel can be used without any modifications to the engine and is compatible with all diesel engines.

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