Alchemy Utilities to present new AD technology at UK biogas trade show

Alchemy Utilities will present its Alchemy Thermophilic Digester (Alchemy TD) at the UK AD & Biogas World Biogas Expo at the NEC in Birmingham on 5-6 July.
Alchemy Utilities to present new AD technology at UK biogas trade show

The Alchemy TD is particularly suited to a wide range of farmers because, it requires a small footprint, only needs 4.7 tonnes of feedstock per day to generate 100 kWh Electricity and 100 kWh Heat using a CHP unit or to utilise the biogas for other in-demand purposes. In many cases the Alchemy TD can eliminate the farmer having to store the slurry for up to 6 months at all because the E.coli bacteria are broken down within the patented process utilising steam. This can remove the ever-growing concern of smell and greenhouse gases associated with slurry storage. Alchemy TD is proven on multiple organic feedstocks, chicken litter and cow slurry and can produce high quality granulated fertiliser which can be packaged commercially and then sold in the open market or easily transported to other farms.

Alchemy Utilities was launched in April at the 2017 Energy Show in Dublin. It won two distinguished awards, including the Product of the Future Award for the Alchemy TD.

“I believe we won ‘Best Product of The Future’ because the additional revenue stream from substantially improved efficiency in gas production in addition to the high revenues from quality granulated fertiliser makes the Alchemy TD second to none in the AD sector” said Alchemy CEO, Richard Griffin. “When measured on carbon reduction per pound invested and its rapid payback, as an investment it is unbeatable.”

2017 will be the show’s seventh consecutive year and will consolidate its position as the #1 global trade show for the biogas industry.

While the exhibition will showcase 250+ exhibitors, Alchemy Utilities purpose at the exhibition will be to identify show sites for Alchemy TD in the UK. The type of show sites Alchemy is interested in are ones with an organic waste in the form of food, cow slurry or chicken litter (at least 5 tonnes per day at 40% dry matter), a three-phase grid connection with DNO export access to the national grid and planning permission granted or in progress.

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