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Biogest wins its first order to build a biogas plant in South Korea

Biogas plant manufacturer and operator Biogest has won its first order to build an agricultural and food waste biogas plant in South Korea, to be developed in cooperation with HC Energy and supported by the City Government and Agricultural Technology Center in Changwon.
Biogest wins its first order to build a biogas plant in South Korea
Courtesy of Biogest

The Biogest PowerCompact biogas plant will be an important reference plant aimed at attracting further local projects. Biogest is developing its international presence, having constructed plants in the United Kingdom, France, India, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.

The South Korean plant is located close to a pig farm and the food waste will be delivered from an organic waste collection point. The plant will be able to generate electricity and thermal energy, as well as improving air quality around the pig farm and utilising residues as organic fertiliser in place of chemicals.

Biogest has won the UK AD & Biogas Industry Award for ‘Best international micro-scale plant’ with its PowerCompact technology, which has advantages with regard to plant operation, energy efficiency and operation safety with an electrical supply between 100-250 kW.

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