CBA Launches New Online Resource to Help Farms Navigate Biogas Opportunity

0 is a new go-to resource for farmers interested in learning more about agricultural biogas. Developed by the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA), the website is part of an educational campaign to help farmers explore biogas production as an opportunity for their farm.
CBA Launches New Online Resource to Help Farms Navigate Biogas Opportunity

“We field a lot of questions from farmers who want to know more about the feasibility of adding a biogas plant to their operation. Our goal with this campaign is to make farm-specific information more accessible,” says Jennifer Green, Executive Director of the CBA. “We’re here to help connect farms with the resources and expertise they need to get started with biogas.”

The site provides an assessment tool to help farmers decide if biogas is a fit for their farm. According to the website, “This is a common question for anyone exploring biogas production for their farm. The fact is a wide variety of anerobic digestion systems are available, offering a fit for any farm size. There are other factors to consider as you evaluate your farm’s suitability for a biogas facility. This Biogas Self-Assessment Tool is a great place to start.”

There is also a checklist to help farmers get started, key questions, a list of resources and a podcast.

The  initiative was funded in part through the Agricultural Clean Technology Program administered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, FortisBC and by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia under Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


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