Ductor announces new biomass microbiology partnership with ES Engineering Services

Ductor Corporation have announced a partnership with ES Engineering Services to introduce the company’s biogas microbiology technology to biogas facilities in North America.
Ductor announces new biomass microbiology partnership with ES Engineering Services

The microbiological method developed and patented by Ductor improves the profitability of biogas plants significantly through enabling the use of high-grade, yet incredibly economical, feedstock in the production of biogas. The company’s technology harnesses the power of underutilised biomass with high nitrogen content, such as poultry manure and many other organic materials.

The proprietary fermentation technology extracts nitrogen at an early stage, prior to the biogas production process. It then simultaneously creates by-products with commercial value, specifically, ammonia or ammonium sulfate. Also, Ductor’s method is able to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from organic material, which are problematic from an environmental perspective. As a result, the biogas production process becomes cleaner, more manageable and can have an even great environmental benefit.

ES Engineering, headquartered in Orange, California and part of Montrose Environmental Group, brings its talented team of engineers and operators to the partnership with Ductor. The ES team has a long track record of operating and providing engineering services to anaerobic digestion facilities and has a deep understanding of the different types of facilities throughout North America.

Those qualities, combined with the complimentary business lines of ES’s parent company, Montrose Environmental Group, made ES a compelling partner for Ductor in North America.  

“We are confident in the cooperation with ES Engineering within North America based on their competence and long-term experience in the biogas industry” said Ari Ketola, CEO of Ductor Corporation. “We fully trust ES Engineering to be successful in their role as our system integrator and we strongly believe that through partnering with them we will not only achieve our growth targets, but exceed them.”

Bernard Sheff, PE, Vice President of Engineering for ES Engineering Services and Chairman of the American Biogas Council, added that ES has been very impressed with the technical capabilities and vision of the Ductor Team.

Ductor Corporation is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has been investigating the ammonification of high nitrogen substrates since 2009. Currently, Ductor has ongoing projects in Europe, and the team is in active discussions with customers in Asia Pacific and North America.

The company will be present at the BioCycle REFOR16 conference, in Orlando, Florida, from October 16th to 20th 2016.  

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