HoSt  to Supply Two Microferm Manure-to-Biomethane Installations for Jumpstart

Bioenergy company, HoSt, based in the Netherlands, will supply Microferm manure-to-biomethane installations to two Dutch dairy farmers who have the ambition to profitably produce energy from manure via the Jumpstart cooperative of dairy company and founder Friesland Campina. The contracts are signed, bringing the farms one step closer to biomethane production and a climate-neutral development of the dairy sector. 
HoSt  to Supply Two Microferm Manure-to-Biomethane Installations for Jumpstart
Courtesy of HoSt Bioenergy Systems

The Stokman family from Koudum, province Friesland and the Haarman family from Blokzijl, province Overijssel are the entrepreneurs who have chosen HoSt manure biogas plants through the Jumpstart program: an exceptional opportunity to produce renewable energy from manure on a small scale. A number of fellow dairy farmers preceded them. It is the second and third Microferm biomethane installation that HoSt will turn-key supply as part of the Jumpstart initiative.

Sales manager of HoSt, Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek , said, It is a good thing that a follow-up of the first Jumpstart projects is now happening. A manure-to-biomethane project on this small scale is feasible and profitable thanks to the proven techniques of HoSt and the Jumpstart organization.”

The Jumpstart cooperative promotes the profitable extraction of green energy from manure. With this, the cooperative contributes to climate-neutral development of the dairy chain in two ways: less greenhouse gas emissions and the production of green energy from methane. Jumpstart is governed by members, for members. Jumpstart helps members to obtain financing, permits and SDE + subsidy for a manure monofermentation installation.

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