INNIO Supports Ukraine’s Plan to Increase Renewable Energy with Innovative Biogas Plants

KTS Engineering, INNIO’s™ authorized partner for Jenbacher™ Gas Engines, will provide four J420 biogas engines to Ukrainian agroholding I&U Group. The project will result in a total reduction of an estimated 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually for I&U Group, one of the largest agricultural producers in the Ukraine.
 INNIO Supports Ukraine’s Plan to Increase Renewable Energy with Innovative Biogas Plants
World’s largest biogas plant with 18 Jenbacher gas engines (INNIO)

With the Ukraine’s National Renewable Energy Action Plan focusing on diversifying the energy mix and strengthening production of renewables by 2020 and through 2030, projects based on biogas will help to achieve these goals. The project is being financed through a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Clean Technology Fund. It is under a program founded to help the agricultural industry of the Ukraine develop renewable energy production from biowaste.

“Our major focus is high-end service and maintenance, enabling biogas operators to increase the efficiency of our customers’ investments,” said Pavel Savenko, shareholder, KTS Engineering.

INNIO’s fuel-flexible Jenbacher J420 biogas engines—which will be installed at the Novomirgorodsky Sugar facility owned by I&U Group in the Kirovohrad region—will have a total capacity of 6 MW, and the project includes equipment installation, startup and further maintenance for the new plant. The Jenbacher gas engines are able to produce power and heat from biogas from beetroot pulp, corn silage, chicken droppings and animal dung.

The new combined heat and power plant will be equipped with INNIO’s myPlant ™ Asset Performance Management solution, enabling around-the-clock remote monitoring and diagnostics of equipment operation that will help I&U Group reduce downtime and costs.

The Ukraine is the pilot country for INNIO’s biogas projects in Russia/CIS, with the first power plant in the region based on a Jenbacher J312 gas engine commissioned in 2009. That plant has a total capacity of 625 kW. It is also home to one of the world’s biggest biogas plant designed and erected by Zorg Biogas AG, located in Teofipol, Khmelnitsky Region, based on 18 of INNIO’s Jenbacher Type 4 units—15 J420s and three J416s, with a total electrical output of 26.1 MW. Eleven of the engines are commissioned, with seven units in production for delivery in the second and third quarters of 2019.

In a move to increase renewable energy sources, the Ukraine has taken steps to accelerate the deployment of renewables. With the national power company, Ukrenergo, forecasting renewable energy to double from 1.5 GW in 2018 to 3 GW by the end of this year, it is a goal that by 2025, full integration with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity will be achieved.

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