QED Adds H2S Monitoring Cell to Geotech Range

QED Environmental Systems, headquartered in Coventry, UK, has launched an industry first cell onto their fixed biogas system - the BIOGAS 3000.This allows users to measure and monitor higher levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas.
QED Adds H2S Monitoring Cell to Geotech Range
Courtesy of QED Environmental Systems

The BIOGAS 3000 is a popular product within QED's Geotech product range and already includes the measurement of CH4, CO2 and O2 gases as standard. The new cell is an enhancement to the product's usability and with its upgraded technology and supporting hardware it offers measurement of up to 40,000 ppm (part per million) of H2S in a plant.

Craig Millar, Engineer Manager at QED said, "The introduction of this cell is an industry first, ground-breaking addition to our QED product portfolio. At QED we have always aimed to stay at the forefront of innovation to provide our customers with the right products and technology they need to carry out their own business effectively.

The ATEX and IECEX certified BIOGAS 3000 has been in the market since 2016, providing landfill and biogas users a strong gas analysis technology that is both cost-effective and robust. As is standard with many QED products, the BIOGAS 3000 is customizable to fit specific landfill and anaerobic digestion site requirements.

The product, with its enhanced cell, has been subject to successful trials in Australia, Spain and India and is now being offered to customers across the globe.

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