Biomass Boilers Save Family Farm Park Over $9,000 Annually

A savings of $26 (£20) a day in energy bills has paved the way for an award-winning, family-owned farm park in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, UK, to expand its offerings and enhance visitor and animal comfort no matter the season.
Biomass Boilers Save Family Farm Park Over $9,000 Annually
Marie Morrell (left) of Tattershall Farm and Anne Wooster (right) of Greenio

The saving of over £7,000 ($9,000) annually has been the direct result of the advice and solutions provided by UK renewable energy consultants, Greenio, which worked directly with Tattershall Farm Park to supply and install two biomass boilers.

Marie Morrell and her husband James took over Tattershall Farm Park in 2015 after spotting potential in the family business which was in need of refurbishment, care and investment. Through the installation of biomass heating and double-glazing, the business has been able to re-invest its savings to create a dynamic year-round attraction which provides the best possible experience for customers and a comfortable environment for its animals.

Anna Wooster, managing director of Greenio, which was set up in 2013 and is based in Lincolnshire, said, “We are delighted to be part of Tattershall Farm Park’s success, helping the visitor attraction to go beyond where it was three years ago and become a real destination for families across the East Lindsey District.”

Tattershall Farm Park has become a popular attraction, having earned a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence through consistently garnering positive reviews in recent years.

Marie Morrell said, “Running an all year round attraction – especially in the UK – is really tricky, particularly when farms are traditionally perceived as cold and dark places in the winter. We wanted to create a bright and vibrant farm park when we took over Tattershall three years ago and we are pleased to say we have achieved this through hard work and innovation.

“A huge part of this has involved green energy, which has allowed us to create a comfortable and toasty warm environment for all our visitors no matter the season. Not only has green energy made the farm a more comfortable place to be, but the support from Anna and her team has enabled us to make huge savings when it comes to our energy bills.”

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