AKASOL Expands Framework Agreement with Swedish Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

German company, AKASOL, which produces lithium-ion battery systems, is expanding its long-term framework agreement to supply a Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer with high-performance battery systems for electric buses and trucks. By the end of 2023, the Darmstadt-based company will supply second-generation lithium-ion battery systems from the Langen facility as well as from the planned new facility in the US.
AKASOL Expands Framework Agreement with Swedish Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer
AKASOL Production in Langen, Germany (Foto Akasol - Alexander Heimann)

From 2020, the customer will receive the second generation of high-performance battery systems for buses and trucks. These systems achieve 30 percent more energy density and thus more range with the same weight and installation space. In addition, the battery systems are capable of fast-charging.

"With the continuous improvement of our battery systems, we are gradually expanding the possible applications for electric buses and commercial vehicles. Short- and medium-haul trucks are now being added to the electric city bus at an impressive pace, as the follow-up order from Sweden underscores. We are proud that we can continue to be trusted by our customers and thus continue to grow dynamically," commented Sven Schulz, CEO of AKASOL, on the new framework agreement.

Carsten Bovenschen, CFO of AKASOL, added, "The signing of the expanded framework agreement with our long-standing customer is a major milestone for our company.”

Based in Germany, AKASOL operates a production facility in Langen (Hesse) with an annual production capacity of up to 300 MWh, which will be expanded to 800 MWh by 2020. 

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