Beam Global awarded Florida purchasing contract for sustainable EV charging

Provider of sustainable technology for EV charging, Beam Global, has announced that the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) in partnership with the Florida Association of Counties has awarded the company a statewide contract for the EV ARC 2020 and EV ARC DCFC charging infrastructure systems.
Beam Global awarded Florida purchasing contract for sustainable EV charging
Courtesy of Beam Global.

The contract term runs through September 30, 2023 and is the premier contract in the state for police, fire, municipalities and universities.

Beam was awarded the contract after qualification through a bidding process and review by the FSA and the FSA Fleet Advisory Committee. FSA contract prices are extended and guaranteed to any local government or political subdivision of the state, public educational institutions and other public agencies or authorities within the State of Florida. The EV ARC system continues to provide EV charging and emergency power during blackouts and is flood proof to 9.5 feet; factors which are particularly important in Florida and other locations which are at risk from rising sea levels and other flooding risks.

“We are seeing increased interest from states to provide EV charging infrastructure to government agencies, businesses, residents, employees and visitors and it makes perfect sense for the Sunshine State to drive on sunshine” said Beam Global CEO, Desmond Wheatley. “To keep up with increased state requirements, rapid and scalable deployment is crucial. The EV ARC is the only rapidly deployed, sustainable EV charging solution on the market that is off-grid, transportable and can be deployed in minutes instead of months. It requires no permitting, no electrical work, no construction and generates no utility bill. Florida can now buy the EV ARC with pre-negotiated pricing, which will make the procurement process much easier.” 

As of June 2020, Florida is No. 2 in the nation in passenger EV sales with roughly 64,500 EVs on Florida’s roads. With the signing of the Essential State Infrastructure Bill into law, the Florida Legislature and Governor DeSantis took the first step in activating state and utility engagement. The state law tasks the Public Service Commission (PSC), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the state energy office to lead the creation of an EV master plan. This state-level planning process places Florida in an elite class of states thinking strategically about the future of mobility.

President Joe Biden has announced a plan that represents the most ambitious clean energy vision by any US president in history with billions planned for EV charging infrastructure and $4 trillion sought for green jobs and infrastructure spending. Beam Global currently has additional contracts in place with the Federal General Services Administration (GSA), the states of California and Massachusetts and the City of New York.

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