Fortum Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing to help improve EV charging

Charging network Fortum Charge & Drive has joined forces with Plugsurfing to enable electric vehicle drivers to charge wherever they go, even internationally.
Fortum Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing to help improve EV charging
EVs charging in Berlin, Germany

Fortum has now acquired full ownership of Plugsurfing, a European charging service based in Germany. Fortum is based in Norway, the European country with the most EVs per capita. The company focuses on developing the charging network in the Nordic home markets where it already serves 75,000 registered customers with 1,700 chargers. It also provides a comprehensive cloud solution that enables charge point operators to remotely manage charging stations. This is currently available to charging networks in 17 countries.

Plugsurfing operates an intelligent charging application which helps charge points owners and EV drivers connect with each other. Plugsurfing also operates a state-of-the-art, cloud-based EV charging solution. The company emerged in Berlin as a startup and has been one of the few companies to take on the challenge of Europe’s fragmented charging networks. It’s now managed to connect its userbase of 50,000 electric vehicle drivers to over 200 charging networks. This allows them to charge at more than 65,000 chargers across 24 European countries.

“Our purpose is to make it easy to use electric vehicles and charging points so that we can all move towards a cleaner world” said Rami Syväri, Vice President of Fortum Charge & Drive. " Charge & Drive will be available on the PlugSurfing application for access and payment. Our aim is to improve EV drivers’ accessibility to charging networks when travelling between countries”.


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