Hispano Suiza to present world premiere of electric ‘Hyperlux’ tourer model at Geneva Motor Show

Spanish luxury car brand Hispano Suiza will present a fully-electric hyperlux grand tourer called the ‘Carmen’ at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.
Hispano Suiza to present world premiere of electric ‘Hyperlux’ tourer model at Geneva Motor Show
Courtesy of Hispano Suiza

The new vehicle will be named after Carmen Mateu, the granddaughter of Hispano Suiza’s founder. It has been designed, developed and manufactured in Barcelona and is based on a super-stiff, hand-laid carbon fibre monocoque. This provides the foundation for a luxury interior, innovation and attention to detail, combined with fully-electric performance.

The new model is inspired by the Dubonnet Xenia, one of the elegant and luxurious vehicles built by Hispano Suiza in 1938. It’s development and build, along with its custom-designed electric powertrain, will be led by the company’s production partner, QEV Technologies, which is also based in Barcelona. The company employs a team of highly-skilled engineers with experience across design, engineering, R&D and production for Formula-E teams, supercar brands and mainstream car manufacturers. It has its foundations in motorsport with Campos Racing and is also the technology arm of Mahindra Formula-E Racing, plus the European R&D facility for Chinese firm BAIC.

Hispano Suiza is a historic car brand owned by the fourth generation of the Suqué Mateu family. Between 1904 and 1946, Hispano Suiza built more than 12,000 luxury performance cars and 50,000 aeroplane engines. Today, with its headquarters, technical centre, and manufacturing facility in Barcelona – Hispano Suiza embodies a proud Spanish spirit with a strong family legacy.

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The Xenia was never built by Hispano. My father designed it around an old chassis and motor of one of his hispanos. His aim was to highlight his independent suspension and the aerodynamics. By the way the stork symbol comes from his ww1 squadron. Anicet Dubonnet
(Golly! \'Hispano Suiza\'! There\'s a company I haven\'t heard of since WWII!) *Really*! When is someone going to develop the equivalent of the original Mini or VW Beatle with electric drive? *Enough* of hopelessly expensive EVs that only the obscenely wealthy will ever be able to afford, *please*!