Majority of UK long-distance couples could visit their partner in an electric Peugeot without recharging

The majority of the UK’s long-distance lovers could visit their partner in a full electric Peugeot e-208 without having to stop to recharge, according to Valentine’s Day research conducted by the Peugeot group.
Majority of UK long-distance couples could visit their partner in an electric Peugeot without recharging
Courtesy of Peugeot

Thousands of long-distance couples in the UK are expected to travel to see their loved one this Valentine’s Day, with research by Peugeot finding that those in a long-distance relationship visit their partner on average 21 times a year. Of those, 75 percent live less than 200 miles apart, comfortably within the range of the all-new, full electric Peugeot e-208. As a result, long distance couples could visit their other half without stopping to top up their battery. Nearly half of long-distance relationships rely on cars and driving an EV would bring significant cost savings, the research finds.

The new Peugeot e-208 is now on sale in the UK and features a 50kWh battery and 136hp electric motor, delivering an EV range of up to 217 miles under WLTP guidelines.

With an average distance of 145 miles between those couples going the distance, petrol and diesel drivers would spend £16.50 and £14.90, respectively, per return visit. A year’s worth of travel would set couples with petrol and diesel cars back £346.35 and £312.70. In the all-new e-208, a 145-mile journey would use 33.4kWh of electricity, costing £5.18 when recharging through a home charge point. Over a year, drivers would spend just £108.72 in travel costs, saving more than £200 compared to a new diesel car, thereby generating substantial cost savings. Under domestic charging, Peugeot claims that the Peugeot e-208 can achieve similar total costs of ownership to an equivalent petrol counterpart.

“Electric cars could be the solution to three-quarters of all long-distance couples in the UK” said David Peel, Managing Director of Peugeot UK. “To help keep driving costs even lower, Peugeot is collaborating with Polar Plus, the UK’s largest public charging network, to give new Peugeot electric or plug-in hybrid car drivers a six-month free subscription to the Polar Plus network.”

Around 65 percent of Polar Plus’ charging stations are free to use for subscribers, meaning Peugeot drivers will have access to free electricity from more than 4,500 charging stations around the country. At payable stations, drivers simply pay per kWh used, starting from 12p per kWh.

Peugeot is aiming to provide electric variants of its vehicles across its entire model range by 2023.

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