Morgan Three-Wheel Vehicle Finally Slated for Production

The Morgan Motor Company’s  electric three-wheel vehicle, the EV3, will finally make its way into production in 2018.
Morgan Three-Wheel Vehicle Finally Slated for Production

According to the company, “The EV3 embraces new technology, delivers responsible driving excitement and continues to celebrate traditional British craftsmanship.”

Road and Track reported Morgan has joined with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems in order to put the vehicle into production next year, saying also, the Morgan EV3 will have a range of 120 miles while promising "the same exhilarating driving experience as the gasoline version." 

Encased within the tubular space frame chassis is a 21 KWh Lithium Battery and a liquid cooled 46.5 kW motor driving the rear wheel.

Taking inspiration from 1930’s race cars, classic motorcycles and 1950’s fantasy automatons, the face of the EV3 is designed to function. Brass conductive cooling fins encase the batteries and an off-centre tri-bar headlight adds to the overall asymmetry of the design.

 “The EV3 is an exciting opportunity for our customers to enjoy the unique Morgan driving experience and the joy of tailored manufacture whilst remaining conscientious towards the future of our planet.” - Steve Morris, Managing Director, Morgan Technologies Ltd. 

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