Top Reasons Americans Want to Drive Electric Vehicles

Since they were introduced to the market, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of electric cars on the road. This has created the need for an increased amount of charging stations for vehicles. For a long time charging stations could only be found in urban areas in front of grocery stores and shopping centers. Now they can be found in many more locations and rural areas.
Top Reasons Americans Want to Drive Electric Vehicles
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This is because of the updates that have been made on electric cars to improve their capabilities. With these kinds of improvements and growth in charging stations, an electric car is finally a desirable vehicle that can be used for more than driving around town. A study performed by The Simple Dollar shows why Americans want to drive electric vehicles.

When compared to what it costs to fill up a full tank of gas, a full charge on an electric vehicle will typically cost around half of the price. The fact of the matter is that electricity is just a much cheaper resource than gasoline. This is why lower cost was the top reason Americans would drive an electric car at 33%.

People have been looking for a way to cut down on the cost of gas since they started driving. Though it can take a good amount of time to charge an electric car, there are options to supercharge the car which means you pay more to charge it at a faster rate. 

Comparable Range

Next, people are finally taking a look at electric cars because their fully-charged battery can now compare to the range that a car gets on a full tank of gas. Although most traditional cars can still travel longer distances after refueling, it is worthy to note that 26% of people are interested just from better mileage.

The best part about this is that electric cars are not even close to reaching what they are capable of. As of now, the average electric car range is about 200 to just over 300 miles after being fully charged. One day even the most basic electric cars will be capable of traveling over 450 miles like gas-powered cars.

Environment Health

There is no doubt about the significant environmental impact that switching to an electric vehicle can have. 19% of people said that they would want to drive an electric vehicle to help the environment. 

Electric cars do not have engines, because unless they are a hybrid car they do not need them. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases come from the car’s engine. Therefore, electric vehicles actually emit no direct emissions.


With electric vehicle technology being so new, that means most of the cars made have better standards and safety features because they have all been made in recent years. For this reason, 13% of people would drive an electric vehicle

Electric cars are also safer because they have fewer moving parts. Without the engine, that means there is no oil, no belts, or any other fluids that could pollute the atmosphere or cause your car to break down and need replacing. 


With no engine and fewer parts, there is more room inside the vehicle. Electric cars are some of the most spacious and luxurious vehicles on the inside of the car. This all comes from usually being a newer vehicle, and being a comfortable vehicle just gives it another way to stand out.


Due to the fact that electric vehicles are not considered mainstream, and not as affordable as some gas-powered cars they have become somewhat of a status symbol among those who drive them. However, when there are millions more of them on the road, this will no longer be something people talk about. 

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