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Azelio Demonstrates Technology for Low Cost Solar Energy Storage

Swedish solar company Azelio has launched a demonstrator of its new technology for solar energy storage. The company states the technology is able to generate clean electricity on demand, around-the clock, in a distributed way, and is more cost efficient than competing technologies.
Azelio Demonstrates Technology for Low Cost Solar Energy Storage
Courtesy of Azelio

Azelio's solution is based on Stirling Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with multi-hour Thermal Energy Storage (TES). It can be built in a modular way from small to very large installations with low cost and high efficiency. The system is distributed for local production and storage of heat, which, can at any point, be withdrawn from the storage and converted into electricity. The technology is well suited for areas with weak or non-existent grids.

Since the greatest energy recovery is obtained in the conversion phase, Azelio is using an aluminium alloy as a storage media for its very specific phase changing characteristics. This storage media does not need refilling to maintain its efficiency, as opposed to common storage technologies using salt or water. Azelio's main market focus is initially projects in the size of 500 kW to 20 MW, targeting a gap on the global energy market.

“Showcasing this technology is a great milestone for Azelio. We have now proven that this world-unique solution works and together with our partners we will continue the development and commercialization. Low cost and clean electricity that is made accessible on demand also in remote locations at all hours of the day is really a game changer,” said Jonas Eklind, CEO of Azelio.

The company recently changed its name from Cleanergy to Azelio “as a representation of its solar focus and to better differentiate from the competition on the global arena.”

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