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Solar DAO to redesign the grid with new partner Powerchain project

PV project investment fund Solar DAO has announced a partnership with the Powerchain project - a decentralized platform for energy storage that allows everyone to store electricity, transfer it within the network, or trade it.
Solar DAO to redesign the grid with new partner Powerchain project
Courtesy of Solar DAO

Solar DAO is the world’s first digital, autonomous, closed-end, utility-scale PV project investment fund. The company, in partnership with the Powerchain project, are aiming to popularise the use of renewable energy sources thereby transforming the current conventional, and inefficient, energy management system by using innovative technologies in combination with each other.  

The main benefit from cooperation will be the adoption of energy storage systems to stabilise power consumption during peak loads. It also allows the regulation of generation from renewable sources, delivering significant advantages for Solar DAO members.

Powerchain is offering an innovative kinetic energy storage system developed by its partner company Kinetic. This will allow balancing of up to 90 percent of the capacity of the platforms participants. The system will also be able to remember the indicators of actually produced electricity, compare them with calculated data in terms of kilowatt hours and draw a conclusion about the level of energy storage and its optimal distribution between storage devices and consumers to minimise transport losses and costs for generation. Solar DAO plans to closely integrate with the platform.

According to Gotosolar, a Solar DAO project operator and owner, the strong partnership among the Solar DAO and the Powerchain should be able to increase demand for SDAO tokens and give them significant functionality. It may also be possible to distribute part of the Powerchain tokens (POWECs) to the SDAO tokenholders.

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