Climeon Increases Capacity with New Test Site

Swedish company, Climeon, has increased its capacity with a new test center for development and testing of heat power modules in the city of Kista. Kista is located between Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport and central Stockholm. The new facility increases Climeon's total delivery capacity.
Climeon Increases Capacity with New Test Site
Kista Gate (Climeon)

The new testing facility is located in connection to the company's new office in Kista, with the possibility of more customer demonstrations, faster development verification, extended test time and a unified organization.

“We are building the business to become a globally leading product company within energy technology,” said CEO Thomas Öström. “Therefore, it is strategic for us to gather the organization in one place.”

“With the new test center in Kista, we will have development, delivery and service in one place and the entire organization will be close to the technology,” concluded Öström.

The Heat Power modules to be tested are produced by contract manufacturer Mastec in Vaggeryd, Småland. Mastec's facility has the capacity to produce 400 modules per year with the possibility of scaling up to a maximum of 2,500 modules per year.

At present, all of Climeon's modules are tested in Norrköping before they are delivered to customers. The new test center's higher capacity better matches production capacity.

The expansion of the testing capacity was done to “meet a rapidly rising demand and higher volumes.”


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