Geothermal Industry Calls for Internal Market for Heat

EGEC, the voice of the European geothermal industry, has called on the European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen to create a European internal market for heat in an open letter published  EGEC’s website.
Geothermal Industry Calls for Internal Market for Heat

The current interpretation by the European Commission of the internal energy market gives unfair advantage to electricity and fossil gas, at the expense of renewable heat. As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought Europe’s economy almost to a standstill, we need immediate measures to create new business opportunities in the green economy. A European Internal Market for Heat is one of them.

Heat represents half of the EU’s energy consumption and about 80% of this heat energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. Fossil gas is not subjected to a carbon price. On top of this, Governments and EU institutions keep supporting fossil fuels through direct and indirect public subsidies for infrastructure, appliances and fuel consumption. This situation locks out renewable solutions for heating and cooling services and prevents their development in all Member States.

Philippe Dumas, EGEC secretary general, said, “The focus on fossil gas is not compatible with the Paris Agreement nor the European Commission efforts on climate-neutrality. The EU cannot pursue a zero-carbon policy whilst institutionalizing dependence on a fossil fuel. The internal market for heat would unleash much needed investments in employment-rich renewable energy sources, while addressing the economic crisis.”


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