SunHydrogen completes production of 100 demonstration units

SunHydrogen, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, has shared an update and published a new video from Santa Barbara, California, of its recently manufactured demonstration units.
SunHydrogen completes production of 100 demonstration units
Courtesy of SunHydrogen.

These demonstration units use multi-junction amorphous silicon solar cells. They are designed to provide a clear proof of concept and demonstrate the potential for scalable growth, and ultimately commercial viability of the company’s patent-protected nanoparticle technology.

In 2019, SunHydrogen demonstrated 1000 hours of continuous hydrogen production utilising the same cell technology. While the overall efficiency of the cells is low, the company continues to gain significant and valuable insight during experimentation that it intends to leverage in the development of its proprietary nanoparticle technology. The nanoparticle technology is now in development with SunHydrogen’s manufacturing partners, Schmid Group in Germany and InRedox of Colorado as well as its longtime development partner, the University of Iowa.

SunHydrogen is hoping that its nanoparticle technology will attain three times the solar-to-hydrogen efficiency and that it will represent a potential tipping point for market-changing hydrogen production directly from solar with no external energy input other than the sun.

“We are pleased to announce that Suzhou GH New Energy completed the assembly of all the demonstration units on time,” said Tim Young, CEO of SunHydrogen, Inc.

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