Hydrogen-fuelled power cruiser highlight at Cannes

The prestigious Cannes Boat Show opens its doors tomorrow and will host a cutting-edge new cruiser, fuelled by nothing but seawater. According to the builders of the 22-foot vessel, the MIG 675 will reach a top speed of 70 knots using solely hydrogen.
Hydrogen-fuelled power cruiser highlight at Cannes

The future of transport is here and on display this week at the Cannes Boat Show in France. According to the builders of the MIG 675 power cruiser, the technological challenge of true hydrogen power has been overcome, making it possible to develop a new vessel that runs solely on water.

Luxury, a boat builder based in Quimperlé (France), has developed a 22-foot (6.7 metre) boat capable of reaching 70 knots (113 km/h) without, it claims, producing any emissions. The $325,000 vessel is constructed in aluminium and weighs just 1,300 kg, despite boasting a shower and toilet and leather and teak interior.

According to Luxury, the vessel is fitted with a hydrogen generator capable of directly producing hydrogen from seawater which can then be used to power the boat’s 500 horsepower engine.

While the manufacturer is quick to point out that the vessel has no on-board conventional fuel tank, it has not elaborated on exactly how the MIG 675’s hydrogen system works. As such, it remains unclear whether it can run indefinitely on seawater or if supplementary fuels are needed to power the hydrogen production.

This begs the question whether or not the vessel is truly emission-free, as Ben Coxworth from Gizmag reported back in December. At the time, Coxworth highlighted that the Quimperlé-based boat builder had not responded to his request for more detailed information other than explaining on its website that instead of carrying pressurized hydrogen tanks, the MIG 675 reportedly produces its own fuel, using an on-board generator that harvests hydrogen from the surrounding seawater. The hydrogen generator also powers all the on-board electrical devices, which include an electric anchor roller, a 10-inch touchscreen controller, GPS, depth finder, rear-view camera, an Alpine audio system, a bar fridge with an electric retractable table, and an LED navigation lighting system.

Perhaps all will be revealed in Canne tomorrow!

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