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Futuristic Hotel Will Harness the Tides to Produce Energy

The Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel, envisioned for Yalong Bay, on the island of Hainan in the South China Sea, will harness tidal energy to generate electricity. The hotel’s expected completion date is February of 2020.
Futuristic Hotel Will Harness the Tides to Produce Energy
Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel Images by Margot Krasojević

Along the coastline of Yalong Bay there are high-energy sites exposed to winds and high waves. This is where the hotel will be situated, partly anchored into the coastline’s rock, with its elements free to gently move with the tide.

Hotel Architect and Project Manager, Margot Krasojević, is looking to develop hotels which contribute to the environment by producing clean reusable energy. The hotel is an energy plant with all technology and building materials fabricated from environmentally clean materials.

The pipe water turbines will be part of the hotel landscaping. The South China Sea will wash over the turbines in order to produce and store energy back into the hotel and the national grid, which will create a step-up energy production hotel. It will not only contribute to the environment, but will also work as a capacitor as the entire scheme will slightly move in the tide. Pipe water turbines will follow a spiral of paths into and around the hotel.



Krasojević  says the idea behind the hotel came from rock pools and tidal power. She was looking to “design a hotel which dips into the sea just enough to catch the tide whilst being able to sway in the current. The entire experience is like that of surfing.”

The hotel design consists of two interlocking steel frame aluminum-clad elements. Similar to the hull of a boat these elements are lightweight enough to gently sway with the tide but strong enough not to break.

The hotel foyer will lead from the entrance hatch into the submerged viewing chamber connected to the 30 spa bedrooms. Each bedroom will have a privacy glass-clad panel which will make the guests feel as though they are in a partly submerged submarine. As waves crash against the room windows the water turbine rock pools will define private guest pools.


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