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Photovoltaic business and electric utilities

In recent days big power energy companies have taken the Sun as if they could buy it, buying solar electricity from thousands of small sun-farmers with less than or equal to 100 kW sites, replicating the method used in electricity prices through financial systems coverage, which is paid somewhat less than long-term producer would receive, but those producers thereby ensuring a steady income over time.
Photovoltaic business and electric utilities

I’ve always said that PV installation business would become the major heritage for utilities companies of this country, because they have all the twigs to seize PV business, Brand, Customers, and enought capital for its development. Now that is clear in the energy business horizon is Self-Consumption, based on distributed generation Smart Grid, big power energy companies can not be abstract, rather than participate in it.

Moreover, they will take place and the first auctions solar energy, which will be allowed to sell this energy to run, directly or through representatives of facilities. This was made possible with the collaboration of the Portuguese financial regulator (CMVM), the manager of the Exchange Derivatives Energy in the Iberian Peninsula (OMIP), and a major utility in this country, which already offers with it a constant on-time producer price “in a transparent, reliable and competitive environment in which it can reduce the volatility of their income” even creating a specific index for the solar energy electricity production.

Saying that, big Electrical Power Companies also want to enter the tiny O&M PV business, that is less than or equal to 100 kW (ie Domestic and Industrial), giving a limited basic service in terms of labor hours, which can account between 1,5% to 8% of revenues for smaller installations and do not covering corrective maintenance.

And finally, Iberdrola has launched a “comprehensive solution to enhance solar PV energy development in Spain”, by providing customers a package that includes the “fully design, installation and commissioning of a turn key solar installation, financing offer in addition, consulting, maintenance, management and backup all the energy you need. “Who has seen and who sees it just now!

In short, the big power companies have already realized and come to the conclusion that PV business is unstoppable, and they have chosen to be part of it, with slogans such as “The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy” and “Join renewable energy”. What a paradox!

Gone are times when electricity only strove to intensify regulatory barriers, waiting for a Royal Decree that would prevent an explosive development of photovoltaic solar energy, since in the next 15 years, according to theEuropean Photovoltaic Platform costs will fall again for more than half the current one, that is, below the market price, and this will tax even the Sun, its development is unstoppable, being therefore a new product to offer.

For me it’s clear, that to gain this business, Brand, Customers, and sufficient Capital are essential, although you are not the most competitive.

Eduardo Collado
Head of Business Development en Kaiserwetter

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