SMA Solar Technology AG and Danfoss JV to connect supermarkets with the clean energy sector

SMA Solar Technology AG and Danfoss A/S are aiming to launch a joint venture to connect technical components in the food retail sector into an integrated renewable energy system. 
SMA Solar Technology AG and Danfoss JV to connect supermarkets with the clean energy sector

The plan is to enable supermarkets to use the integrated solution developed by the JV to sustainably reduce their operating expenditure and optimise their carbon footprint. This will be achieved through a combination of the SMA energy management platform ennexOS and the Danfoss System Manager SM800 to integrate supermarkets into the energy system. The first pilot project will begin shortly.

The joint venture planned by SMA and Danfoss aims to provide supermarket operators with an integrated solution that interconnects cooling and refrigeration technology, photovoltaics, energy storage technology and e-mobility. According to the companies, intelligently managing loads and integrating the overall system into the energy market would allow supermarket operators to reduce their operating expenditure, optimise their carbon footprint and improve their long-term competitiveness.

“Our expertise in photovoltaics, battery-storage systems and energy management is a complementary fit with Danfoss’ long-standing experience in cooling and refrigeration technology and its access to customers in the food retail segment,” said Dr.Jürgen Reinert, Board Member for Operations and Technology of SMA Solar Technology AG. 

Jürgen Fischer, President of Danfoss Cooling, added that the food retail segment is both of strategic importance and a playing field for innovation. Supermarkets will not only provide fresh goods, but also transform the utility grid, which will become more reliable, greener and more flexible.

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