BBOXX Introduces Predictive Management Platform

BBOXX, headquartered in London, England, has introduced Pulse, a cloud-based task management platform, which the company says will enable distributed businesses to improve efficiency.
BBOXX Introduces Predictive Management Platform

Distributed energy businesses in developing countries face a common challenge of managing scale as customers, products and employees are dispersed across a range of remote locations. Pulse is designed to help companies scale effectively by giving them a clear understanding of how customers, products and agents are performing.

Pulse supports a wide-range of products and businesses, spanning solar home systems, large solar, and metering applications such as pumps and mini-grids.

The company claims Pulse allows a business to have an accurate picture of performance quickly and uses machine learning to enable predictive analytics.

Pulse, through extensive KPIs, gives management the ability to make data driven decisions on how best to maximize available resources.

Pulse is already making an impact within BBOXX itself. In 2017, Pulse automated 14,000 actions daily for the BBOXX staff in Kenya and Rwanda, managing sales leads, supply chain deliveries, call centre and repair actions.

The platform processed over one million payments in 2017, and enabled management of $50 million in customer contract value.

Mansoor Hamayun, Chief Executive Officer of BBOXX said, "Pulse is the heartbeat of distributed businesses and combines our years of market expertise into a single platform. Pulse supports a range of energy products and is already being used by BBOXX partners in Nigeria and Pakistan.

Marcus Heal, Chief Executive Officer of PAS BBOXX, which uses BBOXX's tools and products for operations in Nigeria, said, "BBOXX Pulse is a vital ingredient for the effective running and management of our operations.

"In addition to the solar home system sector, Pulse allows distributed energy service companies operating across the distribution mix to optimize their businesses, automate their processes and scale quickly and effectively.”

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