Encore Renewable Energy selected as one of the “Top 100 Impact Companies” of 2019

Encore Renewable Energy has achieved a top ranking in the Real Leaders 100 list (RL100), which recognises and ranks the positive impact companies in North America that are leveraging capitalism for the greater good.
Encore Renewable Energy selected as one of the “Top 100 Impact Companies” of 2019
Courtesy of Encore Renewable Energy

This first of its kind ranking was developed by Real Leaders, Big Path Capital, and B Lab, the organisation leading the global movement of people using business as a force for good and overseeing the B Corp certification process. The ranking is based on the formula for force – that is mass times acceleration: Three-year growth rate (acceleration) x Revenue (mass) x B Impact assessment score = A Company’s Force for Good score.

“We are honored to be included on this list alongside dynamic companies driving a new segment of the economy” said Chad Farrell, CEO of Encore Renewable Energy. “Encore’s mission has always been to build an organization that makes a positive impact to our environment, the communities in which we operate and to the lives of our employees, while also creating vibrant economic value. As the RL100 has recognised, these objectives are not mutually exclusive - there are many great companies across a wide number of industries that are doing business better - growing rapidly and making a positive impact. Encore is thrilled to be one of them.”

Michael Whelchel, Managing Partner, Big Path Capital, added that the Real Leaders 100 list is the first ranking of positive impact companies in North America and that the list will be expanded globally in in 2020.

Encore Renewable Energy is a leading integrated clean energy services company focused on community-scale solar PV systems and 21st century solutions for the redevelopment of underutilised property. In 2018, the Company was recognised by Solar Power World as a top 25 solar development company in the US, with a ranking of 23, up from 35 in 2016. Additionally, Encore achieved a rank of 123 out of 500 solar companies on the magazine’s 2018 Top Solar Contractors list.

In 2018, Encore’s B Corp status was recertified, following an extensive audit, with a higher score than what the Company originally received upon initially becoming a B Corp in 2016. Given the importance that Encore places on the positive impact that it makes on the environment and lives of people it interacts with, this was particularly noteworthy in the midst of one of the strongest years to date with respect to project activity.

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