Local council in the UK unveils plans for a giant solar farm

Leicestershire County Council has unveiled plans for a solar farm and 14 industrial units on land it owns just north of Quorn.
Local council in the UK unveils plans for a giant solar farm
Courtesy of Leicestershire County Council

The solar farm would generate 10 MW of electricity per year, enough to supply around 3,000 homes. The facility, plus the industrial units, would inject £940,000 into council funds to be invested in front line services including social care. The project would cost an estimated £16 million, paid using one-off pots of money, including income from property sales and investment.

The council’s cabinet will assemble to discuss the proposal at its meeting on 1st May. If approved, the plans will be presented again in more detail before the cabinet and a planning application submitted to the council planning board.

The Quorn Solar Farm would cover a 62-acre site and would consist of parallel rows of PV panels connected to the National Grid. Visual and landscape impacts, hedgerow maintenance, site security and the mitigation of potential glare will all be taken into account in the detailed design of the scheme.

“This plan is about breathing new life into disused farm land” said Deputy Council Leader Byron Rhodes. “By creating a solar farm, we could produce clean, green energy, and building new units would offer local businesses the chance to get their foot on the ladder or expand. Investing in property also means we can generate income to plough back into services, reducing the impact of national funding reductions”.

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